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Getting To That 20%

Perhaps the biggest change to your business and individual taxes is the Section 199A, Qualified Business Income Deduction (QBID). Your complimentary trip down Memory Lane (aka link to a Carol McAtee archived blog) –  TCJA and What in the World … Continue reading

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Playing With Building Blocks

HERE’S WHAT’S UP! The “Post Card 1040” is here! Except it’s not a post card. It is a “building block”. It’s smaller. But not much smaller. Because it’s only on half the page. It’s shorter. But not so much. Because … Continue reading

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Make That Kid Work For You. Part 2 of 2. No Kidding, The Kiddie Tax

Last week we broke the news that according to the Department of Agriculture, with middle-class income of $59,200-$107,000, it is going to cost you a whopping $233,610! to raise that kid until the age of 17. Families with lower incomes … Continue reading

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