Happy New Year!

The Holidays are officially over.  Welcome to this week’s blog: Happy New Year!


All of us at McAtee & Associates wish all of you a Happy New Year filled with all the joys and successes, fun and good times that make the Memories of a Lifetime.


  • Shameless Plug. Our New Year is Happy when you make an appointment. Our New Year is Happy when you upload your tax docs into your piece of our client portal. Our New Year is Happy when you email us all your pdf’d tax info (especially the organizer). Our New Year is Happy when you drop stuff off and say hello. Make our New Year Happy!

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McAtee and Associates’ Disclaimer:

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Our blog posts are written using current information and current or proposed rules and regulations.  Information becomes old and outdated. Rules and regulations are frequently changed, added, amended, and/or left to expire.  This is extremely true with most things tax and to a lesser and slower extent, most things accounting.  We do not go back and update posted blogs.  Always check with your CPA or accountant regarding not only rules and regulations but available options and how it all applies to your fact pattern and you.




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